I am a graduate student in the MIT Media Lab, in the Scalable Cooperation group. I am interested in understanding and portraying the behavior of humans, both as individuals and as groups, through computational and quantitative methods. I'm also a fan of experimental digital media, trail running and vegetables.

My work focuses on operationalizing social science theories in order to build large scale cooperative systems. This work is largely under the umbrella of ''computational social science.'' I also collaborate with the Human Cooperation Lab at Yale, where I focus on projects at the intersection of behavioral economics and machine learning.

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Selected Publications:

Scissors Congruence : A web app that visualizes the famous algorithm in an intuitive and friendly way. Explore the application here or read the paper here.
Big Mouth Billy Bass with real fish. Check out a demo here.
For a hackathon, we built an application that finds shortest path between Wikipedia articles.
The Mediasphere : I synthesized live music, avant garde animation and other media into an experimental digital media project in the Pomona planeatrium . Watch a recording here or read the full manuscript here.
This site: Powered by HTML5up and peppered with custom javascript and style.
A experimental market for the evaluation of AI systems. Read more at here
enter the spam universe
A map of the social patterns and networks that exist at Burning Man.
Midas, the gold bicycle